Level Up with Advanced PUBG Tips and Tricks

Level Up with Advanced PUBG Tips and Tricks


Welcome to the ultimate guide that’s all about arming you, dear gamer, with the critical insights needed to outsmart your opponents in PUBG! No more barely scraping by— it’s time to dominate the battlefield with some of the most compelling and advanced PUBG tips and tricks.

Sharpen Your Landing Strategy

In PUBG, where you land is pivotal to your survival and loot collection. Opt for locations that balance loot availability and player traffic well, such as Pochinki or Rozhok. Once your chute pops, steer towards your chosen spot, dive with a speed of around 234km/h, and ensure to scan the vicinity for other players as you descend, setting the tone for your early-game strategy.

Leverage the Loot, Love the Loot

Remember, weapons are good, but armour is paramount! Level 3 armour absorbs 55% of damage, which can be the defining factor in close-quarter combats. Also, while it’s tempting to hoard items, being selective with your loot conserves inventory space for essential items like first-aid kits and ammo.

Understand Your Map

Knowledge of the terrain isn’t just for show—it’s a practical application in strategy development. Be mindful of the shrinking play zone, always staying one step ahead in relocation to avoid frantic last-minute dashes, which often result in being easy prey for lurking enemies.

Peek, Don’t Speak

Mastering the art of peaking allows you to scout and fire at enemies with minimal exposure. By altering settings, enable the peek/lean options to quickly scan areas with a reduced risk. Be a shadow, quiet and deadly, rather than a stomping giant.

The Art of Stealth

In the world of PUBG, silence is golden. Move quietly and intentionally. Opt for crouching over sprinting to navigate silently and use terrain and foliage for concealment. Stealth


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